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I’ll be honest to admit that Chelsea have far exceeded my expectations in the gruelling period the Blues have just gone through, one that leaves them on the brink of FA Cup and Champions League glory while being set to finish potentially outside the top four.

The latter bit of the reality at Stamford Bridge sets the club up for quite the thrilling climax to their season, which I’ll expatiate on right after coming to terms with what the club have achieved.

Following the draw in the West London derby at Craven Cottage, Chelsea was faced with a tasking run of matches that would see them face the Sillywhites in the FA Cup semi final before hosting Barcelona four days after, visiting Arsenal three days after and then visiting Barça in the return leg of their Champions League semi final.

A poor decision by the referee may have helped a…

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When It’s Done

*blog sanitation in progress*

Welcome back here everyone, and yeah I know its been a while.

DISCLAIMER: The words you are about to read were not made up entirely by me as it contains excerpts from a BBM BC which gave me the idea of putting up a post in the first place.

When things in a relationship get rocky and a breakup happens, it’s a lot harder than it seems. Normally you talk all day, everyday, fall asleep on the phone together and then wake up to good morning text messages. You think about each other every second you are awake and when you’re asleep you dream about them. You spend time with them whether its in person or not, and soon they become a part of your everyday life and you get used to it.

Then all of a sudden, they leave. Most of the time once they are gone, they are gone for good because they don’t see that unique thing about the relationship anymore.
This means, no more calls, no more cute messages and texts, no more ‘i love you’ no more time spent together and all of that. The first few days you will want to call, text, or send an IM, really do everything just to talk them and restore what’s “normal” but try as much as you may, things hardly change.

The hardest part is letting
go. You check their Facebook/Twitter or whatever social networks they are on often just to see what they are doing, to see if they have someone new and also to see if they are happy without you. This person that was once your everything is now becoming a memory. A memory that you replay over and over again in your head. You spend nights reminiscing in the said words, shared laughs, the kisses, all the things that happened during the time you two were together. Letting go can take weeks, months, or even years.

The worst feeling is when someone makes you feel special, then suddenly leaves you hanging and you have to act like you don’t
care at all. You begin to ask your self
What did you do wrong for him/her to leave you like that?
Did he/she find someone else better than you?
Or maybe he/she got tired of making you feel special?
What happened to us?
Will he/she ever come back?
Will things ever be the same?
These are the questions that fly around in your head day in day out and it’s really mind wrecking to let go of someone you love and bury your feelings for them.

This has led to the conclusion that relationships are not for the small minds. Take your time, assess yourself, and your partner, make sure you are both ready to face what a relationship entails before you dive headlong into it. Only a mature mind and a person with a clear vision of life would be able to fulfill his/her promises, so therefore if you find one who can, don’t ever let them go.

Always have this in mind:
“A Relationship gets stronger when both are willing to understand and forgive each other’s mistakes”.

Thanks for coming you all. To my editors God go make una bigger. Till I come your way again someday sometime. Stay blessed.


#np Play Ball by FACE

Terdoh: What is this? why are you playing this kinda song here, I thought we were here to read about BALLS.

Me: Cool your COJONES bro,you see boredom causes some weird shit. Have you ever added yourself on your own m and then tried chatting with yourself? I have been there and back That is what boredom at its peak causes. Same is listening to the track played above while writing this post you are about to read.

During the week, I was engaged in a conversation with a friend of mine, call him W

Me: hey dude whatsup?

W: I am so bored i have hoes holes everywhere.

Me: Same problem here bro but isn’t there anything we could do to kill it before it kills us instead?

W: Well,i have taken to playing Zuma maybe you could too.

Me: What on earth are you talking about?

W: Its a game about BALLS, is very LONG and HARD, as a matter of fact I am searching for anyone who has finished it.

Me: Dude are you NUTS? That is some gay shit isn’t it? BALLS!! LONG!! HARD!! I need to see it myself first before I conclude though. Please send it to me so I can assess it.

W: ok will do just that.
*ends conversation*

Well, I did assess it and yes I think the Zuma game is totally gay. What kind of game is about swapping BALLS and sometimes you even get BLUEBALLS,there is a BALL in a sack-like mouth,BALLS going and coming out of a hole,you get to throw your BALLS at other ones to create chain reactions. Let me say this once again,if you are a dude playing such games,you are or must be going NUTS for engaging in such nonsense. Dudes please leave that game for the ladies they should be better skilled in BALLS handling.

Terdoh: I agree with you, it all sounds mushy and gay to me.

Talking about handling BALLS and skills reminds me of MESSI. Now he is the only guy that should be allowed to play with BALLS. You are asking me why, don’t you all know that dude is so gangster he is breaking and entering all the time. Common don’t be dumb, of course that statement is not criminally inclined. Okay you still don’t get it, let me explain to you, when I say breaking and entering what I mean is he is breaking football records through his goal scoring exploits and then entering the books of records for his achievements if that isn’t breaking and entering I don’t know what is. As for the Accountants reading this post don’t get me wrong and start searching for Messi’s achievements in cash books, I wasn’t talking of such books of records you all should know better.
Still on the matter do you know that Messi is so gangster that when he shoots of course not a gun but a BALL he does not kill anyone, but the hopes of the opposition team and their supporters just die. You don’t believe me,ask Bayern Leverkusen fans they will tell you more.

What on earth have I been rambling and ranting about on here? Its all BALLS you know,but I guess that’s why you all are here isn’t it. You came to read about BALLS. Surely you now understand what it is like to be bored.

#np We be Ballin by Icecube ft Micheal Jackson

Terdoh: Yeah that’s the kind of gangster shit I like to hear *moves his body to the beat* Now that TURD is CUMICAL isn’t he.

DISCLAIMER: No BALLS were touched,caressed,displayed or harmed in anyway during the process of writing this post.

This post was brought to you courtesy of BOREDOM

*drops mic and BALLS out*




WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME to another blog site.

Yes I have decided to join the bandwagon, not because I want to do follow follow like on twitter. Nooo that’s not it, you got it wrong. Its just because as of this moment, I have come to the conclusion that I need a rant space. If that isn’t reason enough then, *in MI’s voice* you can gaaan boil stone, or maybe you should just focus on your business. Thank You

Now to the main agenda of my post, Yorubas have a proverb which goes thus ”Eshin iwaju ni teyin wo sare” this can be translated word for word as “The front horse is looked upon by the horse(s) at its back when running. I know you catch my drift but if you didn’t please keep searching because it must have escaped you somehow.

Well, at this point, I must recognize the 2 great bloggers, who have inspired me into doing this,although I have read many blogs and am still reading.
1st up is the great moin-moin lover Sir Mayowa George aka @OluwaWanaBaba whose blog Wana’s Playbook, was the 1st blog I ever read and which then served as a link, to the many others I would later read.
Then comes the most humorous blogger on blogsville in person of Sir Kelvin Saka aka @Sirkastiq, formerly KevinwithanL(remember Ugwugate)whose former and present blog OLD and NEW constantly serves as a source of inspiration,ideas and humor.

Of the two mentioned above, one is a good friend and acquaintance,while the other is my mentor. Don’t expect me to discern one from the other as they are equally important, can be interchanged and thanks to them this blog is born.

Also worthy of mentioning are
Lovenus CeCe aka @cecenostockings proud author of Ara’s Quest also a cake,pizza and ribena freaksee here and here

Terdoo aka @terdoh who shut down his old blog reasons withheld, thank God he’s opened another one not long ago,so only 3posts for now.see here

It’s not easy to sit down and write for people to enjoy, but the above mentioned have successfully mastered this art, and I hope to emulate them(if you like yimu na you sabi, go do your own let’s see).

I have given honour to whom its due and ask for your blessings as I hereby embark on my own blogging journey/experience.

This said, I have come to the end of today’s post, hopefully, I will be able to come here to rant often and you will be here to read them.
I am Now Blogging✓✓✓ Welcome to my World and have a 1daful day.